Poultry Industry Yearbook

For the Poultry Industry Yearbook 2025 the classified advertising categories are: – Animal Health, Breeding Stock, Feed Ingredients, Poultry Shed Equipment, Premixes, Processing Equipment and Stockfeed.

We can add categories if there is sufficient demand from emerging product sectors.

Advertising in the 2025 Poultry Industry Yearbook

Display advertising is available in the yearbook is in the front editorial section. Poultry Digest advertising rates for the Poultry Industry Yearbook. See our page on Advertising Rates and Specifications

Classified Advertising is available in the ‘Buyers Guide’ section of the yearbooks and you can nominate one or more of the advertising categories in which to run your advertisement, (eg Poultry Shed Equipment or Building Equipment) to ensure that your message reaches the right audience for your product or service.

The Poultry Industry Yearbook 2025 will be mailed out (and placed on line via our website) with the December/January 2025 issue of Poultry Digest.

Topics covered in the Poultry Industry Yearbook includes:

Statements from poultry industry organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

An easy reference guide to Poultry Industry stories run in 2024 plus listings of the key industry organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

A comprehensive companies guide for Australian and overseas based industry suppliers.

Most important are the listings of key industry personnel from companies, consultancies, veterinary practices, universities, agricultural colleges, and other scientific institutions serving the poultry industries.

If your experience and qualifications are relevant to the Australian and NZ poultry sector please send us your details.

The headings are: Position, Qualifications, Address, Telephone, Mobile, Fax, E-mail (and web site if applicable) and Specific Interests.

This Industry Personnel Australia and New Zealand listing section of the yearbook is a vital resource for both industries and there is no charge made for participants so be a part of it and ensure that your application reaches us before the deadline of 30th November 2024 for the Poultry Industry Yearbook 2025.

There is a comprehensive ‘Australian Companies Suppliers Guide’ and the New Zealand and ‘Overseas Companies Suppliers Guide’ that list all the major suppliers of products and services to the poultry industry in Australia and New Zealand.
 The Buyer’s Guide in each publication is a handy reference for growers and processors looking to access advice and products.

The choice of size and costs for each insertion are:

Single insertion – 80mm x 54mm (wide) $250 mono

Single insertion – 80mm x 54mm (wide) $450 colour

Double insertion – 165mm x 54mm (wide) $450 mono

Double insertion – 165mm x 54mm (wide) $750 colour.

Triple insertion – 250 mm x 54mm (wide) or 80mm x 174mm (wide) $750 mono

Triple insertion – 250 mm x 54mm (wide) or 80mm x 174mm (wide) $1000 colour.

All companies who buy classified or display advertising are listed in the Australian Companies Suppliers Guide, or New Zealand and Overseas Companies Suppliers Guide.

If you want multiple copies send all relevant email addresses.

The contact email for this service and for the free Industry Personnel listings is