Pork Journal

Pork Journal covers topics of vital interest to the pig industry such as feed, biosecurity, eating quality and consistency of pork, plus the improvement of profitability and production efficiency throughout the industry.

Australian pig farmers have to compete in a global market and the industry is constantly subject to pressure from imports in the processed sector and if market conditions are good it benefits from exports into key markets including Singapore and NZ.

Pressures on feed raw materials as Asian economies grow and crops being diverted to ethanol production are a concern for the industry as these pressures drive up feed costs.

Our editorial pages regularly feature growers who have found innovative solutions to some of the many challenges facing the pig farming industry in our region.

We also publish scientific papers and the results of research from both local and overseas sources.

Established in 1978 Pork Journal has a mailed out circulation of 1750 printed copies (6 issues a year) and a growing number of readers who receive the electronic version of the magazine.

New Zealand and overseas circulation is approximately 10% of the total. Issue dates are January/February,March/April, May/June, July/August,September/October, November/December (plus Pig Industry Yearbook)

Deadlines for advertising booking and editorial submissions are 1st of the month- or closest working day to that date of the second month of issue date.

So for May/June 2017 the deadline is 3 June 2017.

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