Alltech launches ‘Blueprint’ Chick Starter crumble for layers

“After the huge success we have seen with our Blueprint starter feed program for piglets in terms of overall performance and customer feedback, we have decided to launch Blueprint Chick Starter Crumble (designed for layers), using the same nutrigenomic principles we applied to the Blueprint piglet creep range,” Damien Kelly Alltech Lienert Southern Sales Manager for Blueprint, Oceania  told Poultry
Digest at the company’s recently held seminar following APSS2020.
Pork Journal, Primary Media’s other livestock publication, ran a report on the ‘Blueprint for piglets’ program which clearly demonstrated the benefits to growers of adopting Blueprint.
“The Blueprint range has been developed by unravelling the genetic codes of how nutrients interact within the cells of an animal – this process is known as nutrigenomics,” Damien explained.
“Using nutrigenomics, we can evaluate these interactions and easily identify ways to optimise the overall performance and efficiency of the animal. 
“Throughout the lifecycle of the animal, our Blueprint range has been designed to build on an animal’s genetic potential at each life stage,” Damien said.
“Early development in a layer chick is critical and sets the foundation for whole of life performance.
“A chick never gets over a bad start, therefore by developing a starter feed to help the bird reach its full genetic potential we can set that bird up for a lifetime of optimum performance. 
“The main objectives when feeding a chick is to achieve consistent growth rates, maximise health status and survivability and to maximise lifetime performance and shell quality while maintaining persistence in peak lay.
“The benefits of using Blueprint Chick Starter Crumble for layers include high palatability – to ensure early intake, it contains quality nucleotides to help with gut development and maximised nutrient uptake and assists in the development of a good gut microbiota while optimising the development of the gastrointestinal tract. 
“Blueprint Chick Starter Crumble is a high-quality crumble of ideal particle size to encourage feed intake and reduce wastage.  
“Our initial on-farm testing has seen the crumble perform as expected, with sound feedback from the field on chick performance and a reduction in wastage.
“Blueprint Chick Starter Crumble for layers is designed to be fed from day old and can be fed up to 28 days of age or incorporated into part of an on-farm feeding program. 
“The product is available in 25kg bags, bulka bags and is also available in bulk loads,” Damien concluded.
For more information please contact your local Alltech Lienert representative.