Santrev celebrates 20 years of serving the poultry industry

Luke Trevanion

As Poultry Digest marks 20 years since Primary Media took over the publication, so Santrev has reached the same landmark.

Growing from an already established shed building enterprise, Luke Trevanion took over from Richard and Garry Sanday after a period of running the company’s breeder farm in Purga Queensland.

Today the company has expanded well beyond shed building. It offers renewable energy options through Santrev Solar and poultry shed waste management with its Ecodrum products.

One of the keys to the success of Santrev, apart from hard work and a targeted approach to serving a rapidly expanding industry, has been in creating a shed design that is quick to erect and easy to clean and operate.

Prefabrication of vital components such as the steel frames and a skilled construction force, keep building schedules on time and long experience in many building scenarios, on budget.

One of the company’s innovations, aimed at the growing number of investors in broiler farms, is not only the turnkey project going from obtaining DAs, design, construction and equipment fit out, but also installing management and running of the farms for investors.

Most recently Santrev merged with FarmMark which bought the complete SKOV product range distributorship into the operations.

Luigi Di Clemente, who owned FarmMark, is now a key member of the Santrev management team.

Poultry Digest has enjoyed working with Santrev, Luke and his team over the last twenty years.

Visiting Santrev’s many projects over the years gave us an accelerated learning experience of modern shed construction and management.

In an industry operating on slim margins, technical supremacy achieved by usage of the best possible design and equipment is vital.

Santrev has evolved with retailer and consumer pressure over the last twenty years.

Consumers not only want low cost protein which chicken meat certainly is, they expect high standards of growers and options like free range production are still growing.

Santrev has recognized this and its free range shed designs deliver efficient growth performance as well as consumer perceived welfare benefits.

“One of the keys to the success of Santrev continues to be the Santrev teams’ understanding of the industry that is gained through owning, managing and trialling new innovations on their own farms.

“Santrev has owned and managed commercial and free-range farms for multiple processors in WA, SA, Victoria and Queensland over the past few years and obtained invaluable experience it passes onto its clients.

“We are very proud that we have been able to design and build for growers around the country and see them achieve amazing results in the Santrev sheds we are so passionate about,” Luke Trevanion said.