FarmMark awarded Global Service 
Distributor Status by SKOV


LtoR: Luigi Di Clemente, CEO FarmMark, James Bernie, FarmMark Business Manager, Arne Overgaard, SKOV’s Regional Export Manager.

By Peter Bedwell

On December 3, 2019 Poultry Digest visited FarmMark’s Brisbane offices and warehouse for the official award as Global Service Distributor, conferred by SKOV’s Export Manager Arne Overgaard, and presented to FarmMark’s CEO, Luigi Di Clemente.
All FarmMark’s staff were present for this significant step forward in the growth and capabilities of FarmMark as it expands its market in the 
Australian, NZ and Oceania region’s intensive livestock industries.
FarmMark’s new distributor arrangement with SKOV gives the company access to some of the world’s most 
advanced livestock management systems delivering the prospect for growers in the Oceania region to vastly improve productivity and profitability.
“As part of the FarmMark expansion plans it was recognised by our management team that we needed to review and refine our procedures to ensure the best support could be provided to deliver the promises made when we negotiate supply and install arrangements,” Luigi said.
“Part of the strategy was to obtain the SKOV Global Service Distributor certification.
“This process required that FarmMark and SKOV conduct audits of the farm networks, the resources and skills that are required to support those farms and their development.
“This was to ensure that FarmMark had a sustainable capability to deliver to a required standard and meet agreed performance levels,” he explained.
“At present there are only 10 SKOV distributors certified globally and FarmMark is the only one in the Asia Pacific region,” Arne stated, when handing over the SKOV Certified Partner Certificate at the award ceremony.
James Beirne, FarmMark’s Business Manager spoke to Poultry
Digest about how important it was to build and 
maintain trust with clients and always have the ability to service and maintain existing installation as well as complete new projects on time and to specification.
FarmMark, first established in 2003 to supply a range of livestock housing equipment, quickly expanded into the poultry sector and today has completed major projects in all Australian States as well as in NZ and Fiji.
When Poultry Digest visited, FarmMark had completed its 104th 
combined shed control and electronics cabinet; a product now in use throughout the broiler industry.
SKOV has developed its shed ventilation systems constantly to suit production in extreme climatic 
conditions, like those experienced in Australia where there is not only vast temperature variation but a wide range of humidity levels.
SKOV has always been a leader in the development and manufacture of minimum ventilation systems which correctly installed and set up with automated climate control, maintain optimal and consistently correct temperatures to suit growing birds.
Phillip Green, Aviagen’s poultry house design and operations expert has spoken at two recent seminars 
conducted by Aviagen.
He is an enthusiast for SKOV’s minimum ventilation system, not only because it works well but has been constantly developed to improve usability and performance.
SKOV was amongst the first poultry shed equipment companies to introduce controllable fans.
The BlueFan (main fan) is highly controllable, saving energy while maintaining shed conditions and the controllable chimney fan is highly efficient at responding to quickly changing temperature and humidity conditions.
SKOV’s FarmOn Line system provides all critical data collected by the SKOV system at individual shed level, total farm level and to management at poultry production companies, thus on-farm changes can be made through smart phones or lap tops at the appropriate management level.
Luigi emphasised to Poultry Digest that FarmMark had progressed beyond just equipment supply into management and design integrating their extensive equipment range and established expertise.
“In the complexity of a typical 21st Century intensive livestock farm development, there are numerous inputs including a lot of technology reliant on safe and professionally installed electrical as well as electronic systems.
“So where does the warranty lie if equipment fails or doesn’t perform to expectation?” he asked. “At FarmMark we warrant the whole enterprise that falls within our design, supply or management remit,” Luigi explained.
New technologies like the system offered by SKOV and installed by FarmMark offer new opportunities for producers, but only if the suppliers and their technical staff know what they are doing.
The SKOV Global Service Distributor scheme, involving an exhaustive audit process, ensures that growers get the best out of the equipment and service provided by highly experienced and technically competent specialists like FarmMark.